The Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) allows polarized, immotile epithelial cells to transform into motile mesenchymal cells, which is a fundamental cellular process that governs embryonic development, tumor cell metastasis, organ fibrosis, tissue regeneration and so on. EMT is regulated by many signaling pathways.The TGF-b signaling pathway has an established role in promoting EMT by down-regulating E-cadherin via transcription factors (TFs), such as Twist, Snail and Slug. Multiple TF-target relationships form a regulatory transcriptional network. Moreover, the post-transcriptional regulatory network consisting of microRNA(miRNA) and long non-coding RNA(lncRNA) also dominates the process of EMT. Comprehensively investigation of co-regulations of regulators(TF, miRNA and lncRNA) on EMT could speed up the elucidation of the potential mechanism of EMT in development, fibrosis and cancer progression. EMT-Regulome database systematically collects the regulations among TF, miRNA, lncRNA and EMT genes and records diverse regulatory motifs involved in EMT process.

For citation: Zhao Z, Zhou W, Han Y, Peng F, Wang R, Yu R, Wang C, Liang H, Guo Z, Gu Y. EMT-Regulome: a database for EMT-related regulatory interactions, motifs and network. Cell Death Dis.2017 Jun 15;8(6):e2871.





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